Day 7 – planning ahead

by Judes on March 20, 2011

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What a difference some planning and preparation makes to my general levels of wellbeing!

One of the factors in my success over the years is my belief in planning and preparation. It doesn’t really fit with the whole relaxed primal thing – and under normal circumstances, I think I could exist very happily with less food preparation and planning – but with things being *so* busy lately, I really feel this is the right way for me.

So, this morning, I started with a decadent bacon, egg and veg breakfast. I really find that keeps me going for hours. Tomato, capsicum, loads of spinach and some mushies.

For the week ahead, I have made an adaptation of the wonderful Girl Gone Primal’s Bacon wrapped mini frittata. I have made these a number of times over the past 8 months or so – even using eggwhites instead of full eggs. Oh dear – not great. Anyway, these ones use full eggs and a bit of cream that needed to be used up.

These will be breakfast.

I’ve made two other dishes, five generous serves of each (with a side of cauliflower rice). To be honest, I feel like I’ve probably made too much – I find that when I add fat, I really don’t eat as much. Worst case scenario, I can make these dinner as well.

So, the first dish is a chicken stirfry with coconut milk and loads of morrocan spices – lots and lots of veg.

Second dish is grassfed beef, minced – with lots of cabbage and other veg, tomato paste and a bit of coconut milk.

It is obvious that I’m no chef or food photographer, but I find this quite useful and a bit of fun.

So as I mentioned, I feel like I’ve cooked way too much – because in my past diet attempts, I was eating 5 or 6 meals a day. I really haven’t needed anything close to that lately – but I’ll take a few extra serves to work in case I do get hungry. I am still in the experiment phase!

I’ll be making a much bigger effort to be active this week, it makes a huge difference to my mental wellbeing.

Ok, so Sunday – let’s call it done :)

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