Whole30 and KillYourTV – day 15…on adjustments

by Judes on May 15, 2011

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Half way! WOOO :)

I’ll admit, and past posts have probably reflected this, that my Whole30 hasn’t been quite as comfortable as I’d hoped – even for an “Abstainer” like me. But reaching halfway has been lovely. It’s flown and dragged at the same time – does that make sense?

At this point, I have a few adjustments I’m going to make to my own personal goals. I’m not going to win any gold stars by being uber strict and falling over on this, am I?

Caffeine – originally dropped, I’ve been experiencing a desire for something other than water. I have the occasional herbal tea if I’m at a cafe, as I hate asking for a plain hot water, but I haven’t found one that I’d go into raptures over. I’m currently having a TeaTonic organic Dark Chocolate & Black tea and it has hit the spot.

I won’t be heading back to my old 5 or 6 teas/coffees per day – but I’m happy to adjust my personal goals to allow the odd cup of unsweetened black tea. Oh god, I just had another sip and it really is so good!

Exercise – I’m back at the gym now, which is great – but I need to make adjustments to my moderate cardio because the dreadmill is just making my eyes water. It’s getting icy here, so I’m not going to be doing outdoor walks (It was still -5deg at 7am) but instead I’m going to do an exercise DVD at home a few times a week.

So, I’m still weight training and using cardio equipment, but I’m going to supplement with something I’ve always loved.

This adjustment has implications for my KillYourTV challenge, and I’ve decided that I’m ok with that. Out of the two challenges, the Whole30 is more important to me and adding exercise DVDs in supports my ultimate goal to lose the blubber.

I hate sounding like I’m justifying wimping out on a challenge, so I’m going to leave it at that.

I have more adjustments this week in the cook-up space too. You’ll notice it is Sunday and that is my big fat cook-up day. Except that it isn’t. Yesterday I caught the cooking bug and made a head start.

No pictures this week (big loss!) but here is what I’ve been cooking up:

Slow Cooker Curry

500g diced lamb
500g diced beef (was meant to be all lamb, but my husband took one of the defrosted lamb packs to make a stirfry!)
165ml can coconut milk
165ml can coconut cream (remember, I’m trying to up my fat)

(oh and on that, when American recipes call for a can of coconut milk, how big are the cans? 165ml is apparently 5.6oz is that normal, or small? Might need to check with the twitter crowd)
50g of green curry paste
5 carrots
2 onions
3 zucchini
1/2 red cabbage

This was my laziest effort yet! I dumped the curry paste, meat and coconut milk & cream into the slow cooker and cooked on low for about 4 hours.

I emptied my veg crisper in the fridge and got everything sliced using the food processor and dumped all of the veg in and cooked for a further 4 or so hours.

We went out for a few hours in the evening, came home to a gorgeous smell of cooking, unplugged the slowcooker and put the insert straight into the fridge.

I’ve dished it up this morning and got about 9 generous serves. 5 for my lunches, and a few nights worth for hubby and I.

Pressure Cooker Beef
I picked up my first ever pressure cooker recently and finally got a chance to give it a burl.

900g beef bolar blade roast
a few cups of left over Beef Bone Broth
a big heaping spoonful of roasted garlic paste
water to top up

I was a little ambivalent about how the meat turned out, to be honest. I browned it in coconut oil before dumping it in the pressure cooker, but I’m not sure it made much difference. It was perhaps a little over cooked.

Nevertheless, it was quick and easy – it gave us a a hunk o’meat in under 40 minutes and I had some with mashed avocado and boiled eggs, so really, it was a win.

Today, I’ll be cooking up some more mince for breakfast. Instead of stuffed capsicums I’m going to make mini-meatloaves using these mini loaf tins and this recipe from Everyday Paleo. Depending on hunger levels, I’ll serve them with a few eggs scrambled in coconut oil.

I’ll also cook up a lamb roast for some cold cuts, I love left over roast meat!

So here’s to the next week of my Whole30 and (slightly modified) KillYourTV :)

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Criselda May 20, 2011 at 6:56 pm

hi stumpled upon your twitter while searching for friends on my new twitter account @5minutes4mommy (please follow me). I've started a fitness program called crossfit and the "diet" they use is Paleo. I'm just learning about it now. I'm learning a lot from you. thanks for being real and informative.


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