Whole30 and KillYourTV – day 29… my favourite tips

by Judes on May 29, 2011

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Ooh one more day to go! I hope my post-whole30 treat is as good as I imagine it to be :)
Tonight I’ll be doing something completely out of character and going to a Whole30 PotLuck dinner with people I don’t know.
Using the #whole30 hashtag, I found a crossfit gym on the other side of town who were also doing the same challenge. I’ve been having a few tweet-chats with one of the trainers, interested to see how they were going.
Anyway, I was invited to their PotLuck dinner and I agreed to go – which is totally out of character for me!
I’m going to be making one of my favourite paleo-comfort dishes, using this recipe from you-know-where as a template.I’ll be using lamb mince, lots of spices and I’ll be chucking some mushroom and spinach into the mince mix with loads of wonderful spices. I’ll also be chargrilling some capsicums and layering them with the mince mix – almost lasagne style, although it’ll probably only be one layer!
I’ll post some pictures once I get cooking.
As part of my personal Whole30 wrap up, I thought I’d list a few things I’d recommend that you consider if you do your own Whole30. I’m clearly no expert, but I know what has helped me!
  • This is not a DIET. Yeah, you’re cutting out some foods – but the aim is not to have eensy portions or restrict calories.

If you’re doing a low-carb version, make sure you get enough fat.
If you’re training with intensity, or can tolerate starches better than I can, make sure you get enough carbs from sweet potatoes etc.
I’d strongly recommend focusing on eating enough – and for those of us “diet veterans” it can be really easy to equate a restricted food list with restricted calories. No.
Make sure you eat enough.
I can’t be stronger than that.
I’ve noticed that towards the end of the whole30 that I didn’t need to eat as much, but back when I was getting a little crazy (day 12ish) I was trying not to eat too much. I was stressing about calories.
Eat lots of nutrient dense food. Make sure you get enough of what you need. Don’t be a fuckwit about it.

  • Love your food. I have discovered that a simple roast meal is happiness on a plate for me and my husband. He doesn’t even notice the lack of carbs!

We have roasts and leftovers for at least half of our meals each week and it is never boring – because the tastes are just so divine.
My point is, get reacquainted with how awesome food tastes when it tastes like it SHOULD taste. Processed foods are hyperpalatable and they confuse our brains and taste buds.
The whole30 is an ideal time to focus on these textures, smells and tastes. It can give you a whole new appreciation for food and makes those processed meals seem all kinds of wrong.
Our meal times have become a genuine pleasure and I’m convinced it is due to our new love of real foods.

  • Be a spice-girl. Or spice-dude. Whatever. I never really used spices all that much in cooking until recently. What an amazing world of taste sensation! I was initially inspired by the Robb Wolf food-matrix and this little gem:

“…So that leaves us 27-proteins, 24-veggies, 5-fats and 25-herbs & spices. If we take one item from each column we get 27x24x5x25= 81,000 DIFFERENT meals. Divide that by 365 (1 different meal per day) and you will not see the same meal for 221 YEARS.”
Of course then I was further inspired by  Mel over at The Clothes Make the Girl, who uses spices like no one else. Here is a post on her amazing spice collection.
The use of spices is a cheap, easy and delicious way to totally transform your meals. I’m totally on board with spices now and am always on the lookout for new quality spice blends. I guarantee you won’t ever be bored with your meals again. For reals.

  • Plan Ahead. This is just one of my personal tips that I’ve always sworn by.

It is especially important for the whole30 because it can be damned hard to find compliant foods on the go, especially if you’re like me and have issues with the sugar in dried fruit or portion control with nuts.
I have a small jar of coconut oil and a stash of canned tuna, sardines and mussels in my desk drawer to help me if I suddenly get a case of the “starvin marvins”. I also have a small carton of eggs in the fridge for a speedy microwave scramble.
Most weekends I cook up enough food for the week so that I don’t need to think about what to eat, but this past week I didn’t (just for a break really) and it was a bit harder.

So plan ahead. There really isn’t any excuse not to. If you can’t/don’t want to cook in advance like I do, all good. But make sure you don’t make yourself vulnerable to slips.
I think that’s about it really. These are really just my big tips. I’m sure there are many others. The Whole9 blog has a metric shitload of posts, comments and resources for your Whole30. Go check it.

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