Whole30 and KillYourTV – day 29… on potluck

by Judes on May 29, 2011

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I’m getting a bit nervous about this potluck thing tonight, I am surprisingly socially awkward.

Anyway, as promised, I’ve prepared a dish that is a cross between lasagne and shepherds/cottage pie. You’ll have to excuse the images, blogger is bitch and I can’t rotate the images.

My last post gave the link to the base recipe – but here is the slapdash version I prepared!

For the filling:
500g minced lamb
500g mushrooms
150g spinach
Garlic (I had some left over roasted garlic paste, so used that. Everything is better with garlic, no?)
Tomato puree
Ras El Hanout
and a bit of tomato paste for that rich taste.

Basically I just cooked the crap out of all of it – I’m sure you know how to do that?!

Then I chargrilled some capsicums ( I had 6 small caps and grilled them all) and steamed up about 600g of frozen cauli and smooshed that all up. I didn’t add anything to the cauli although in the past I have added coconut milk.

I added two eggs to the mince filling and then started assembling the dish. It is in the fridge now and will be popped in the oven for a while to cook it further and brown it up. I’ll do that right before I leave for the potluck. *eeps! Nervous!*

Chargrilled capsicum
First layer of mince mix plus layer of capsicum
Midway through the 2nd layer of mince, which was followed by another layer of capsicum and remaining mince.
Covered in mashed cauliflower
From the side, you can sort of see the layering.

I’m also making some more bone broth and I’m currently roasting some pork, followed by lamb. Oh I’m also making this amazing chicken from you-know-where, which is a favourite in my house.

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve done my Sunday cook-up and I feel so much better for doing it.

Wish me luck for tonight and let’s hope I don’t make a dick outta myself. At least the food will be good ;p

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Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan May 30, 2011 at 1:59 pm

Hey, there! It's you-know-who… hope you had a great time at the potluck. Tell us everything!

And yes, you should try CrossFit! XO


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