A video confessional

by Jude on July 3, 2011

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Wow. No really. I never saw this one coming.

I’m feeling pretty bloody ordinary today and I can even see that my face has bloated from last night’s “episode”. Note to self: Paleo is sexy. What I did was not. (I’m not talking about the big, ugly, snotty cry either. That was not at all attractive, but that’s a whole other story!)

You’llĀ  note in the video that I made a pretty bungled attempt to describe the recent Australian Story episode “Love and other drugs” if you have 30 minutes and can access it, I would love for you to watch it. It’s a true love story and there is some pretty inspirational stuff in there – puts many things in perspective.

So here is my first and last confessional.

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Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan July 3, 2011 at 12:02 pm

#1. You are a gorgeous girl, inside and out.

#2. I’ve been eating mostly Whole30 style for two years, and I still fall victim to emotional eating bouts once in a while. You are human, not a machine — and that’s what makes you gorgeous.

#3. I love the way you’re handling the aftermath. Brilliant.

Love from ATX!


Jude July 7, 2011 at 8:26 am

Have I told you recently that I think you’re fabulous? This put a huge smile on my face :)

I have no idea what came over me, but it was N.A.S.T.Y – still, it’s over now and it’s probably the most guilt-free aftermath I’ve ever had. That is great progress!


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