#AHS11 – from the outside, looking in.

by Jude on August 12, 2011

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Last weekend I was glued to my twitter feed to check out the live-tweets from the Ancestral Health Symposium in LA.  Being all the way over in Australia, it wasn’t practical for me to get there – although I’m thrilled that many of the speakers from AHS11 will be on the Low Carb Cruise in 2012 (booked and paid, baby!) – so I may not have totally missed out. It remains to be seen if I have eensy regrets about which event I’ve chosen to attend, given that some of my favourite twitter people will not be there – but I have plans to travel to try and meet this people somehow! (Yes, I’m looking at you Melicious, Dallas & Melissa and Jamie. Be afraid!)

It was clear that there was a lot of brainy stuff going on and on occasion, some dramz between speakers – but I will be honest and say that I didn’t really digest much of that at the time.  (I will naturally be checking out the #AHS11 blog round up , the presentation slides and the videos once my crazy week is over. No point adding a stressor, right?)

 But the point of this post is that instead of engaging my brain, my old tabloid magazine reading habits kicked in and I was HOOKED on the “celebrity sightings”, the interactions between these celebs and the gossipy tweets that were sneaking into the feed.

From the outside, it was almost like a Paleo Oscars or something, where all the stars turned up, looked amazing, hung out and formed new friendships – all in an exclusive setting.  But despite all of that, they took the time to share every moment with us. Isn’t that a bit bloody special??

I’ve discovered new “smart, sexy, paleo” people to follow on twitter and fallen just a little bit harder for the gods and goddesses of the paleo-sphere. Apart from being smart and sexy – these people are passionate about real food and the amazing health and vitality that comes from dropping grains, dairy, sugar and legumes. They aren’t trying to keep it a secret either. These people are generous with their time, knowledge and support.

So, to the amazing brains, luscious chefs and all-round fucking awesome paleo-types – I salute you! Thanks for what you do and thanks for sharing it with the world.


(PS – I can’t let the post go without admitting to being totally and utterly envious of all the people who attended AHS – in case you hadn’t already figured as much. But I also need to admit that I am probably only saying this for the social aspect! Shallow, much?)





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Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan August 12, 2011 at 7:46 am

I thought of you often while we were there! We must find a way to say hello when you come to the States next year for the Cruise. You’re leaving from Houston, right? I’ll come for the weekend or some such!


Jude August 12, 2011 at 10:22 am

you did?! I’m blessed! I’m so glad you had an amazing time. I had a little squee when I saw pictures from your dinner @ Animal.

I’ll be booking my AUS/US flights soon – but was thinking of even coming to Austin for a night and seeing if we could hook up for a meal? You don’t need to travel!


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